Travel Solutions

MyTripBoard Travel Booker Dashboard is a modern business travel software solution specifically designed for the modern corporate travel arranger.

Whether you are in the office or on the move, managing your business travellers is now easier than ever before. MyTripBoard Travel Booker Dashboard provides personal assistants and everyone who needs to book business travel arrangement with 24/7 access and delivers complete visibility of travel itineraries they have arranged.

Giving travel arrangers and managers peace of mind

With MyTripBoard Travel Booker Dashboard, you can now easily access your traveller itineraries with one click at anytime, anywhere. The modern business travel software solution enables:

Travel arrangers to easily capture corporate travel reservations, access their travellers’ itineraries and schedules faster, whilst benefitting from a 360-degree view of the status of all bookings held with Flightline Travel Management.

Travel managers and companies fulfil their duty of care requirements in compliance with the Corporate Manslaughter Act, which requires companies to know where employees are located when travelling for business. At the same time, the business travel software solution supports the fulfilment of the company’s pastoral duties towards employees, by being able to locate and track business travellers at any time in case of a crisis, travel disruption or other events.

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