Client Portal


Q: How can I save it in my favourites?
A: You must add the URL address to your favourites BEFORE logging in and thick the check box “Remember me” when you sign in to stay loged-in.

Q: Is the Password case sensitive?
A: Yes

Q: I’ve forgotten my password?
A: hit retrieve password on the front screen

Q: I’ve been locked out?
A: Wait 2 hours and it will reset automatically

Q: What is mandatory in my PROFILE?
A: All fields marked by an * (asterisk)

Q: Can I use the same user & password for the Timetable & Fares & New Booking Tool?
A: Yes

Q: How & where can I find a price?
A: Do a search either in the HOME or TRAVEL PLANNER page

Q: Where can I book Hotel & Car hire
A: Click TRAVEL PLANNER from the main header tab & select the sub tab Air, Hotel or Car

Q: What is in the Travel Review Tab?
A: Travel review shows your planned & past trips

Q: How do I log out?
A: Left side of the page under Login Information