Travel Solutions

Flightline business travel solutions make it easier for companies of all sizes to reclaim tax paid on business travel expenses and achieve additional savings.

Depending on where you are travelling, value added tax can be a substantial amount of your travel expenses. Usually, companies would simply write VAT off. As soon as it comes to expenses for international corporate travel, making a reclaim for VAT can be challenging. However, saving money on VAT is a real savings opportunity businesses may want to exploit.

VAT reclaim made easy

Getting a VAT refund can cost a lot of time, effort and cause headaches for many companies. Especially, when it comes to reclaiming VAT on international business travel, things can get complex as refund processes vary from country to country.

Flightline Travel Management has established strong relationships with reliable business partners on which our clients can trust. By implementing the processes and the right technology solutions for managing business travel expenses, we help companies of any size to easily and effectively reclaim tax on eligible expenses for business travel. Companies, whether they are SMEs or international organisations, can reclaim VAT immediately and improve the bottom-line:

  • Reduce total business travel expenses
  • Simplify VAT reclaim processes
  • Save time spent on managing VAT reclaim
  • Cut costs caused by complex business travel expense management

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