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Business Travel Agents Tips: New York Airport Guide for corporate travellers flying to Newark Airport ( Part 2)

16th February 2015

Corporate Traveller Tips: With its 3 main airports positioned in and around, New York provides corporate travellers with a wide choice of arrival and departure points.  In part one of Flightline Travel Management’s a New York Airport Guide we explored the options corporate travellers have when deciding how to best get to New York City, with the […]

Flightline Business-Travel-Agents-Tips_-How-to-protect-your-data-during-a-business-trip

Business Travel Agents Tips: How to keep your company data safe while travelling on business

13th February 2015

Flightline Business Travel Agents Tips: With the data security and mobile technology being on the top list of many business travel procurement managers in 2015, we thought we’d share some key data security risks and mobile technology issues travelling employees need to consider and measures, when it comes to international business travel. Potential data security and protection […]


Post business travel to-do-list for getting back on track after your trip

5th February 2015

Previously, we have compiled business travel agents tips for before and during your trip. This blog contains the final part of our series, focusing on business travel tips for getting back on track after your trip. You can use this as a basic post business travel to-do list, including considerations regarding travel expense reimbursement and how […]


7 business travel agents tips to make your time at the airport less stressful

22nd January 2015

Business travel agents tips: Spending time at the airport can be daunting, especially when your flight is delayed, or you have to travel for business at peak times. Your stress level will increase, unless, you turn the time you spend waiting at the airport into a positive business travel experience, for example by making the most of the […]

Managing hotel spend: Simple rules for reducing business travel cost effectively

30th December 2014

Getting more control over your hotel spend, driving compliance and satisfying the ever demanding modern business traveller at the same time, is more challenging than ever for today’s companies. But unfortunately, it is an area which seems to be generally ignored within many businesses, although hotels and other accommodation can make up a large proportion […]


Managing business travel spend: 9 steps on how business travellers can save money on air fares

28th November 2014

When it comes to business travel, spend on air tickets is usually the biggest cost for many companies, especially if they have business locations overseas.  I remember when I used to pay for a simple return flight ticket from London to Frankfurt £15 including taxes by booking with a well-known low-cost airline. This was about ten years […]

Winter-Travel-Tips from Flightline-Travel-Management

Business travel agents tips for being prepared in bad weather and winter

14th November 2014

As leading business travel agents, Flightline Travel Management are often called upon to provide all kinds of corporate travel management advise to our customers. At this time of year, as winter is approaching and the weather starts to take a turn for the worse, the simplest advise can often be the most useful. Making sure the basics […]