Travel Solutions

Flightline Travel’s management information platform enables businesses and travel managers to easily assess and optimize the performance of their business travel management programme.

Our comprehensive suite of reporting tools gives clients real-time and meaningful travel insight to analyse travel patterns, identify potential cost savings and effectively monitor travel policy compliance. This empowers travel managers to create a better business travel management programme that delivers bottom-line savings.

See more clearly how your programme is performing!

Every client has different needs so we’ve specialised in developing exclusive, bespoke software solutions, connecting you into the world and delivering meaningful travel intelligence at your fingertips. Our integrated online reporting platform offers a comprehensive suite of reporting tools for smarter business travel and expense management:

  • Detailed air pre-trip reports
  • Complete air savings reports (monthly/ quarterly/ annual) help to quantify advance air purchase savings
  • Destination analysis reports
  • Automatic tracking of unused tickets for each traveller
  • Monthly review of all unused tickets expiring in the next 60-90 days
  • Compare and review travel spend across departments (monthly or quarterly)
  • Identify which departments are adhering to company policy and out of policy behaviour
  • Identify additional training or education needs for travellers and travel bookers
  • Travel spend overview report helps track and identify trends related to aircar and hotel purchases

Explore our the full range of technology solutions and business travel management services.

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