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Covid-19 Virus

Advice & Guidance for travellers, companies and bookers post Covid-19

We have collated all of the information and resources that are available with regards to Coronavirus into one place. Please find links to the official websites containing information as well as links to all the latest information that we have from our partners and global network. We will be updating these pages with more information as it becomes available so please check back regularly.
Due to the continually changing Covid situation we can only provide current advice for information purposes only and will not accept any liability for incorrect data.

Travelling abroad, including the latest information on coronavirus, safety and security, entry requirements and travel warnings. Search for a Country or Territory… Search A-Z by Country or Territory

Travel Policy Guidelines as we begin to return to travel and plan future trips, we have put together some detailed Top Tips for Travellers & Bookers

ISO/DIS draft 31030 Travel Risk Management. Travel risk management requires that organisations anticipate and assess the potential for events, develop mitigations and communicate anticipated risk exposures to their travellers. Advising and providing travellers with adequate medical, emergency response guidance, security and information security precautions, can significantly impact the outcome of disruptive event. This standard provides a means for organisations to demonstrate that travel decisions are based on the organisation’s capacity to treat risk using internal resources or with external assistance to meet their “Duty of Care” responsibilities and any relevant legal obligations related to travel and across multiple jurisdictions. ISO 31030.pdf

“Return to Travelling” Guide We know that the landscape of travel has changed with the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, with the vaccine programme being rolled out and restrictions easing, it is time to start planning for the return of responsible travel. We understand that every situation, traveller and customer is different which is why we’re pleased to share this guide with you to ensure relevant considerations are made in readiness for your next trip, whether within the UK or internationally. Flightline will be able to assist you with a suite of different services and products to ensure you and your team can travel safely and with all the relevant information that is required.

Guide To Responsible Travel

A travel manager’s toolkit for getting employees back on the road

Amadeus, our global reservation system travel management team has written a white paper preparing all that’s needed to get employees back to travel as country borders reopen and vaccine programs continue being rolled out.

Download our toolkit and get ready for the “new normal” in business travel:

  • 4 checklists for travel managers and business travelers
  • An e-book with a detailed explanation of these checklists
  • Guides and forms that you can use with your own travelers
  • Links to the latest research on business travel recovery and travelers’ concerns and request

Download Your Free Editable Toolkit Now

Brexit Requirements and Considerations … Need to Know

The latest information 09 June 2021 on travelling to the EU post-Brexit from the UK Transition Team, which covers travelling with goods for personal use, commercial goods or samples for business in accompanied luggage & travelling with £/€10,000 or more in cash. Travellers Communication Pack

So you think your passport is valid for EU travel.

                                  Think Again!!

Anyone travelling to Europe soon please read. Travellers  checked in at Newcastle airport to travel to Palma. Headed to the gate to board the flight and handed over the passports, to be told they couldn’t travel because their passport was out of date!! Although their passport expiry was April 2022

Now if you’re like me you’ll probably think 6 months or more is adequate for travel. However, this is NOT the case travelling to Europe!! I checked my British passport, it expires on 05 April 2023, or so I thought. Wrong, under new Brexit rules your passport validity is from the issue date, taking away any “add on’s as the airline put it” meaning my passport will actually expire to enter Europe on 05 Jan 2022

The airline staff said they’ve turned away so many  people that don’t realise but it’s your own responsibility to check the Gov website. Having checked in online with those passport details, completed the government forms with those passport details to be issued a QR travel/entry code, paid and had PCR fit to fly tests with those passport details, ordered the Day 2 test kits using those passport details. Not one of those entries has flagged this information up.”


EU, EEA and Swiss citizens will no longer be able to use an ID card to enter the UK unless they are exempt.

Only the following EU, EEA, and Swiss citizens will be exempt from this change:
✓ who have received settled or pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS)
✓ who have made an application to the EUSS but have not yet received a decision on their application
✓ have an EU Settlement Scheme family permit
✓ who are an S2 Healthcare Visitor
✓ with a frontier worker permit
✓ who are Swiss nationals and have a Swiss Service Provider from Switzerland visa

This change will come into effect from 1 October 2021.
• Between now and then, travellers using ID cards to enter the UK may be reminded that they will no longer be able to use them in future.
• We encourage all EU, EEA and Swiss travellers to use a passport where possible. This allows them to use e-Gates; the quickest and most efficient method of crossing the border.

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