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Get a Fit To Fly PCR / SWAB Covid-19 Certificate 

23rd February 2021

We have teamed up with DIAMOND AIR for all the various tests required to fly and comply with the countries requirement. Benefits include;

Promotional discount on all products by using our negotiated code below  on the booking form

Use of private couriers (UPS and Fedex) to ensure tests arrive at laboratories on time

Use of multiple laboratories to allow for peak periods, regional testing, and government changes

  • Variety of tests and facilities available including
  • RT-PCR, Antibody and Antigen
  • Taken at home, in office or in clinic
  • Results available from 4 hours
  • Clinics at Heathrow, Camden, Mayfair, Southgate, Manchester, and Birmingham
  • Continuous development of products with Government changes – eg ‘Test & Release’,
  • Saliva based home test kits (as opposed to swab tests) –

View the website for updates

Online portal with links to Government Travel Advisory pages, frequently asked

questions, package information, prices and booking form – all in one place

24-hour customer service team

Diamond Air Web & Booking Form


[email protected] 

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