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eLocate Traveller Tracking Tool

27th October 2020

Flightline Travel Management eLocateeLocate Pinpoint is a secure web based traveller tracking tool that helps you manage your risk and compliance enabling you to know where your travellers are, where they have been and where they are due to travel to.

The link below is a short video showing you how crucial this data can be to track, contact and obtain the latest country Covid-19 restrictions and more.

Click here to see short video


eLocate Pinpoint’s benefits for bookers and travel managers

  • You can instantly locate all members of staff if required.
  • Clear overview of future travel plans organisation-wide.
  • You can filter down on specific travellers, dates, destinations, airlines etc.
  • UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office integration.
  • Fully automated & always up to date as it instantly reads every booking after creation and following any amendment.
  • You can filter down on specific travellers, dates, destinations, airports & airlines.

Our special offer to you

£50 per month for air and 4 free users or £500 annual upfront charge if you sign up before Friday 30th Nov 2020.

£10 p/m block of 5 additional users, £10 p/m to add rail and £10 p/m for hotel
To get started today or to find out more contact [email protected]

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