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Travel Policy Guidelines

22nd July 2020

Brought to you as part of our membership of Focus here are some tips and advice for returning to travel both for bookers and travellers.traveller_guidelines_flightline_travel_management

If you would like to see the full version of this information to share with your team and travellers click here to download it.

Booker Guidelines before a trip

Ensure you have suitable information

  • Check the local COVID-19 requirements for your destination(s) – eg pre-arrival test, certificates or quarantine – the following sites may be helpful

Covid-19 Digital Guide

IATA Information powered by Timatic

  • Check the latest FCO advice on the country you are visiting. You may also want to check their latest R rate along with other Covid statistics

FCO Coronavirus Travel Advice

  • Check if you are required to quarantine either when you arrive or when you return back to the UK

Know where your meetings are

  • Know where your meetings are going to be held – this will help your TMC recommend nearby hotels

Getting to and from the airport

  • Think about how you are going to get to/from the airport
  • Do you require your TMC to book airport parking, a hire car or a private transfer?
  • Check FCO for travel advice
  • Check departure terminals information and airline requirements
  • Be aware of what services will be provided on board (eg catering)
  • Check in online and download a mobile boarding pass where possible
  • Window seats will reduce contact with other passengers using the aisle
  • Plan your journey to the airport avoiding public transport where possible (consider chauffeur cars or self drive with pre-booked airport parking)

How will get to/from the airport?

  • Book parking within walking distance to avoid shuttles and transfers
  • Use reputable taxi companies who sanitise vehicles between passengers
  • Opt for mobile key pick-up when renting a car
  • If you are travelling as a group, think about using a bigger vehicle to give more space


  • Speak to your TMC about the hygiene standards on various carriers – this will give you an understanding of cleanliness onboard the aircraft
  • Think about booking a premium cabin – this will allow for less movement to/from bathrooms and more space around you whilst in the air
  • Pre-book your seat – many airlines are leaving seats free to maintain social distancing – speak to your TMC about pre-booking this for you
  • Avoid flying at peak times if possible – generally the first and last flights of the day are busiest – ask your TMC to recommend flights with more availability
  • Think about booking a fully flexible fare, which can be changed or cancelled at short notice (eg, change to traveller’s health, closure of borders, change of internal policy)


  • Check where your meetings are and inform your TMC – they can provide hotel options in the same location, allowing you to walk to meeting rather than getting taxis or public transport
  • Consider using higher graded or major chain hotels – generally these hotels will have a better standard of hygiene
  • If you are using a major chain hotel, speak to your TMC about signing up to their loyalty programme – this may allow room upgrades or mobile check in
  • Ask your TMC about the hotel’s hygiene policy, their services and amenities – gyms and pools for example may be closed
  • Think about room service – ask your TMC to check the times of the room service and whether breakfast can be delivered to your room to avoid the hotel buffet
  • Consider upgrading to Executive or Business rooms that include separate check-in desks as well as Business lounges offering more space and fewer guests using the facilities
  • Consider booking a flexible rate in case plans change at short notice

Traveller GuidelinesPartner_focus-flightline_travel_management

What to take before you travel

  • Several protective face masks as all carriers and many countries require both the nose and mouth to be covered in public locations – be aware that some airlines recommend changing your face mask every 4 hours
  • Plenty of sanitising wipes and gel (maintaining the 100ml limit for hand-luggage)
  • Your own pen for filling out health declaration and other forms
  • A recognised credit card which has a suitable credit limit, should you need to use it in case of an emergency
  • Have your company’s emergency/medical assistance information and insurance details easily available
  • Confirm any COVID-19 related protocols for where you are visiting, eg any offices or building sites, as well as any local requirements
  • If you have access to your own medical records, you may wish to take these with you as well as noting your blood type
  • Ensure your emergency contact information is correct on any mobile devices that you are carrying – it is a common practice to add the word ICE (In Case of Emergency) to these contacts
  • Whilst hotels are increasing their hygiene standards, you may want to consider taking a pair of slippers and long sleeved pyjamas
  • You could also take clear plastic bags and use TV remote controls through these to avoid touching buttons which may be hard to clean

Click here to read specific traveller guidelines for aviation, rail and hotels

For further assistance please speak to your Flightline Travel Consultant directly or email us at [email protected]


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