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Travel Guideline Advice

22nd July 2020

As we return to travel here are some further guidelines Tips-for-writing-an-effective-Travel-Policy---Flightline-Business-Travel-Management-Companyspecific to aviation, rail and hotel travel.

You can be sure that things will change somewhat as we start to book and make travel plans but here are some basic tips as you prepare and plan your future trips.

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  • Expect more approvals
  • Board level approvals may be needed


  • Fully utilise TMC’s expertise –  Complex bookings require skills
  • Ensure all travel profiles and information is updated – Passport and contact details are essential


  • Share updates on services and standards
  • Maximise on budgets with suitable recommendations
  • Upgrades, premium cabins, higher grade hotels may be considered

Out of Hours Service

  • Know who to contact and how
  • Ensure relevant information is available

Out of Insurance

  • Ensure travellers are covered
  • Provide travellers with relevant information

Duty of Care

  • Risk assessments should be considered
  • Pre and during trip tracking is essential

Specific Aviation Passenger Guidelines

Before you travel

  • Do not travel if you have any coronavirus symptoms
  • Check FCO for travel advice
  • Check departure terminals information and airline requirements
  • Be aware of what services will be provided on board (eg catering)
  • Check in online and download a mobile boarding pass where possible
  • Window seats will reduce contact with other passengers using the aisle
  • Plan your journey to the airport avoiding public transport where possible (consider chauffeur cars or self drive with pre-booked airport parking)

At the airport

  • Arrive early, be patient and follow staff instructions or signage
  • Check-in procedures may require self tagging and bag drop for luggage
  • Maintain a 2-metre distance from other people where possible
  • Wash or sanitise your hands as frequently as possible
  • Wear a face covering where possible and expect to have your temperature checked
  • Use restaurant apps to pre-order food and beverages
  • Airline lounge access and services may be limited
  • Expect to show boarding passes and photographic ID on request

Arriving back into the UK

  • Complete Public Health Passenger Locator Forms before arrival
  • Be patient and follow crew instructions when disembarking the aircraft
  • Wash or sanitise your hands as soon as possible
  • Use e-passport gates where possible or follow instructions to immigration desks maintaining social distancing requirements
  • Follow signage and instructions to collect checked in luggage

On board

  • Follow crew instructions at all times
  • Remain seated as much as possible
  • On short journeys, avoid using bathrooms where possible
  • Avoid body contact with fellow passengers
  • Wear a face covering throughout the flight (note that some airlines may refuse boarding if you do not comply)
  • Onboard catering may be reduced (consider taking your own)
  • Listen to announcements from crew about the measures to be taken on arrival at your destination

Specific Rail Passenger GuidelinesAvanti-Virgin-Flightline-Travel-Management

Before you travel

  • Do not travel if you have any coronavirus symptoms
  • Carry plenty of face masks and hand sanitiser with you at all times
  • Try to have an e-ticket with the boarding pass on your mobile phone, avoid touching machines at railway stations
  • Travel at quieter times to avoid crowds
  • Book a direct service to avoid changing trains
  • Reserve a seat where possible

At the station

  • Lifts may be restricted to one person or one household at a time
  • Allow passengers space to get off the train before you board
  • Wash or sanitise your hands as frequently as possible
  • Wear a face covering
  • Keep a 2-metre distance from other people where possible
  • Obey signage and one-way systems

After your journey

  • Wash or sanitise your hands as soon as possible
  • Follow guidance at your destination
  • If you are travelling internationally, check and obey any quarantine restrictions

On the train board

  • Find your reserved seat and remain seated throughout the journey where possible – avoid walking around the carriages
  • Where possible, face away from other passengers
  • Catering carriages may be limited – take your own food and beverages or avoid eating food, if on a short journey
  • Follow any instructions given by transport staff

Hotel Guest Guidelines

Before you travel

  • Some major hotel brands offer mobile check in/check out and mobile keys (on their mobile app) – this avoids queuing in the hotel lobby
  • Some also offer the opportunity to select the room you wish to stay in
  • Many hotel chains will keep rooms free for a few days between guest stays to avoid any contamination – ask your TMC to clarify the hotel’s protocol

When you arrive

  • Follow one-way systems and pay attention to signage – in some areas you may be required to wear a face mask or covering
  • If you are required to wait in communal areas, try and keep 2- metres away from fellow guests and staff
  • If you can, carry your own luggage to your room to avoid staff coming into contact with your belongings
  • Travel as light as possible
  • Check the hotel’s policy on housekeeping staff entering guest rooms – if you would prefer your room to be cleaned less frequently, advise reception/housekeeping on check-in (ensuring you have enough towels for your entire stay) – you can also ask your TMC to request this in advance if you prefer

Checking out

  • If your trip allows, keep your luggage with you avoiding the need to have it stored by the hotel concierge
  • Use apps or express check-out services to avoid waiting in busy reception areas

Your stay 

  • Take your own sanitising wipes and wipe down high-touch areas such as the remote control, taps, electrical sockets, tea /coffee making facilities and coat hangers
  • Should you feel unwell during your stay, remain in your room and inform reception staff – follow the given protocol and notify your company as well as your TMC
  • Avoid using hotel restaurants/bars and consider room service instead – if you would like no contact on delivery, please inform the hotel when ordering
  • Establish when breakfast rooms are less busy and what the format is for serving food (self-service or a la carte) – alternatively you could request breakfast in your room

Click here to read travel policy guidelines for bookers and travellers.

For further assistance please speak to your Flightline Travel Consultant directly or email us at [email protected]

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