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Where is it safe to travel – Real Time?

28th May 2020

With Covid-19 global pandemic touching all parts of our lives it’s hard to keep up with each country’s rules, quarantine and border measures.


Safeture, a software service based in Sweden has developed the world’s first Coronavirus exposure tracker. As businesses start to open up and people look to planning trips both for business and holidays, Safeture are now providing an interactive Covid-19 restriction map. This allows you to see where it is safe to travel to and what restrictions you may face.

It is specifically an employee safety platform which will help organisations and businesses ensure their employees are safe and feel safe.

The information includes details on Area Lockdowns, Quarantine Measures, Airline Operations and Education Closures. The content is updated as a minimum on a daily basis.

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  •  Area Lockdowns are government issued quarantines of areas which could be part of, or the entire country.
  • Quarantine Measures provides the directives, recommendations and other restrictions that are imposed by the local government.
  • Airlines provides information about suspended or resumed operations of airline operators in the country.
  • Education provides information about closures of Pre-school, School, and Higher Education facilities.

Because of globalisation and the expansion of digitalisation workplaces, everywhere have seen a dramatic increase in mobility whether it is going away for business trip or just working from home. It’s important to make sure that your employees have the right information.

If something is to occur it could be critical to locate and communicate with your employees and at the same time make sure your organisations different service providers have the right information.

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