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How Global Travel Has Changed

28th March 2018

Aircraft WingGlobal Business Travel: What Has Changed Over the Years

Business travel, and how it’s undertaken is perpetually changing. Competition between airlines means lower costs than ever for both individual travellers and businesses, while the rapid growth of technology means it is possible to have what may seem like a face-to-face conversation with a person on the other side of the world. Low flying costs seem to suggest a likely increase in global business travel, while improving technology seems to suggest the opposite; that there will be less business trips undertaken. Ultimately, it seems that technology cannot replace those ever-important face-to-face meetings, as the number of business trips taken worldwide is continuing to increase.

Forging international connections between companies has never been easier, thanks to the aforementioned factors. Business travel remains a necessity in many fields, particularly in those that require meetings in order to close deals. Companies are often far more trusting when meeting representatives, rather than simply speaking to them through video-calling software. Thus, while it is possible to use technology as a substitute for in-person meetings and conferences, many companies prefer to do things the traditional way, believing technology to be a poor substitute for human interaction.

While business travel is still popular and necessary in many companies, the requirements expected when an individual partakes in business travel have changed drastically. In our ever-evolving world, technology and accessibility is of the utmost importance. Hotels and airlines have taken this into account, knowing that providing an efficient Wi-Fi connection as well as space to do work is essential in retaining customers.

The differences in personality and habits between generations also account for some of the differences between past and present business travel. Due largely to the lower costs of international flying, business conferences have been venturing further afield. A global conference may now take place anywhere from a football stadium in Shenzhen, China, a hotel in Samoa or a remote Newfoundlandian Inn. In turn, many younger staff members often prefer to extend their travels in order to add some leisure time to their business trips, where previous generations may have preferred keeping it strictly work-related. Accounting for differences among employees in any situation can be difficult, but by using an agency, you can ensure that the needs of different employees are met.

The need for an independent agency is still prevalent when it comes to global business travel. Despite all the changes to business travel over the years, one thing that has remained consistent is the ease that comes with using a travel management company when planning business travel.

Customer service can vary wildly between countries, airlines, and hotels, and this is just one of the reasons that making use of an agency helps greatly in navigating the difficulties of business travel for many companies. Often businesses select a travel management company based on name and global reputation, which is understandable, but the benefits can be greater when dealing with a trusted independent travel management company, rather than a giant corporation who is likely to view each business impersonally.

Whether you prefer organising business travel online or in person, the use of an independent travel agency can help greatly in the expedition of your plans. Using an agency with a loyal customer base that tailors travel solutions to your company, and that has access to international hotel discounts and bespoke airfares, makes sense from a financial, as well as sustainable, point of view.

It is important to consider your company’s needs, including risk identification and security, as individual rather than matching those of every other company, and an independent travel management company will help you to implement those needs in your business travel plan. The personal service provided by a local, independent travel management agency simply cannot be replicated by a large company. Whether booking a short trip from London to Dublin, or attending a conference in Auckland, by choosing an independent agency you can rest assured of first-class service and that your individual company needs are considered.


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