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5 steps that improve your business travel productivity

22nd October 2017

tips for productive business travel - Flightline Corporate Travel Management Company BlogWelcome to the new age of business travel, where business travellers are more productive during their trip than ever before. Business travel productivity has increased last but not least thanks to the various productivity tools available to travellers. Advanced technology tools, such as Wi-Fi, e-boarding passes and mobile devices, apps enable corporate travellers to save time and keep up with their work even when on the road; with some yet reporting that they are even more productive while away from the office. We all know business trips can be stressful and exhausting, especially if you are travelling to different time zones. Here we share five business travel productivity tips to help you stay productive while travelling for work and make the most of your trip.

1. Power up your mobile gadgets

Make sure to charge all your devices before you leave for your business trip and to be prepared for being able to give your gadgets a burst of energy wherever you are and whenever needed. If you haven’t got a portable charger, it may be well worth buying one before your next business trip and you’ll surely note the difference. Especially, if you are more on-the-go than in your hotel room, you’ll appreciate this little helper like, for example, MyTripBoard from Flightline Travel Management. It can eliminate the stress of looking for stationed options and potential downtime while waiting, which decreases your business travel productivity.

2. Make sure you are connected

Make sure you’ve got your internet connection covered. Getting appropriate internet flat rates also internationally, mobile hotspots and personal routers will make your life so much easier and decrease the time when you won’t be able to check your emails, work on projects or prepare for upcoming meetings and days of your business trip. Additionally, some of the options can power up your device at the same time. Even considering spending a bit more on your flight ticket may make sense to ensure you will travel on a Wi-Fi enabled flight. We often hear from business travellers that amongst their most productive time while away from the office is the time they spend on flights.

3. Have your tools synchronised

Make sure to synchronise all tools and devices you need to access during the trip. This way you have access to all the data you need to continue your work while travelling, even if you are offline for a bit. You can prepare everything that is possible offline; leaving you only to fill in the parts you need to be online once you are back online.

4. Smart business travel planning

Make sure to plan well ahead and optimise your business travel productivity, for example, by familiarising yourself in advance with your destination(s). Knowing where the locations of your appointments are one thing, but also being informed about where the closest cafés with Wi-Fi helps to cover times between meetings and gives you the opportunity for a nice coffee treat to refresh. Using your smartphone to keep all information regarding flights and other travel, as well as appointments and hotel check-in together, ideally in one app, is another way of optimising your options and thus your business travel productivity, instead of spending extra time looking for your flight ticket in one device and the printed version of some other information in your luggage.

5. Maintain a healthy work-life balance

Make sure you stay balanced throughout your trip, as anything else will sooner or later negatively impact on your business travel productivity. Put away the computer when possible for a couple of minutes and try a brain game, such as Sudoku, as these boost your cognitive flexibility. Turn your hotel room into a productivity den, but also don’t forget to get a nap if possible, especially when travelling into different time zones. Give yourself a break when possible. If you inform your colleagues and clients that you are on a business trip, they will understand if less important emails are not replied to immediately (they’ve been there, too). Being available 24/7 via email, phone and accessing the internet at all times can burn you out. So, appreciate the importance of taking a walk and getting some fresh air or treating yourself to something relaxing/rewarding to boost your energy levels. Your health will thank you for it.

Above all, with the growing number of Wi-Fi addicts (also among business people) and workaholics amongst us, make sure you don’t forget to balance with leisure time, spending time with your friends and family, doing sports, enjoying a nutritious diet, staying hydrated and getting enough sleep. Of course, this varies from person to person, but only this way you will be able to keep up and improve your business travel productivity.

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