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Corporate Travel: Changes to British Airways’ baggage allowance rules

3rd August 2015

British Airways changes BA baggage allowance - Airline News from Flightline Corporate Travel AgentsBritish Airways (BA) announced a number of changes to the airline’s baggage rules for carry-on hand baggage allowances and extra baggage charges. According to BA the changes will be implemented across the network. Our corporate travel management specialists have summarised below points for business travellers should consider, before boarding their British Airways flight.


British Airways has changed the rules for carry-on hand baggage due to the an increase in clients travelling with hand baggage that exceeds their allowance over the recent months.

Travellers will continue to be able to take two pieces of hand luggage into the cabin and the size of the second, main cabin bag will remain unchanged at 56 x 45 x 25cm and can weigh up to 23kg. However, the airline is limiting the size of one of the two bags allowed in the aircraft to a handbag/laptop sized bag with a maximum size of 40x30x15cm.

World Traveller (economy) and World Traveller Plus (premium economy) passengers will receive a yellow tag for handbags and laptop bags provided the bags are within the new dimensions – once tagged, which guarantees travellers that their tagged baggage will be allowed on board.

Travellers with hand baggage that is outside the new dimensions will be asked by the airline to check it into the hold. In case of very busy flights where the overhead lockers are full some travellers may be required to check their baggage without yellow tags into the hold. The new changes to the hand-baggage allowance will be implemented from 18th August according to the airline.


As of 18th of August 2015, the airline will also change the way in which travellers will board their flight.  The order in which travellers board the aircraft will be dependent on the cabin they are travelling and according to a travellers Executive Club status. World Traveller clients will be asked by the airline to board by seat row number.


Since 24th of July 2015, British Airways have increased the charges for extra baggage for tickets purchased from this date onwards.

1. Charges for short haul and UK domestic flights to/from London Heathrow (LHR) and London City (LCY)

The cost for travellers with a second or subsequent bags with a Hand Baggage Only (HBO) fare has changed from GBP 40/USD 60/EUR 50 to GBP 60/USD 90/EUR 70.

All bags when Standard/Semi Flex/Flexible/Club Europe fare is purchased and for second and subsequent bags with Hand Baggage Only (HBO) fare purchased in advance the charge has increased from GBP 40/USD 60/EUR 50 to GBP 60/USD 90/EUR 70.

2. Long haul routes where the checked baggage allowance is one bag
When purchased in advance the charge has increased from GBP 55/USD 85/ EUR 64 to GBP 60/USD 90/EUR 70.

3. Changes to USD and EUR rates
In addition the airline has amended the rates quoted in USD and EUR. However, GBP rates may remain the same on some long haul and short haul routes.

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