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IHG is giving its hotel loyalty programme a makeover

12th May 2015

IHG - Hotel loyalty programme changes - News for business travellers from Flightline Travel ManagementInterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) has announced changes to its hotel loyalty programme, IHG Rewards Club.

The Hotel-Line reservations team at Flightline Travel Management, has summarised for you some of the key changes:

Change 1: The launch of a new Rewards Club Membership Level

The InterContinental Hotels Group has committed to introducing a new top tier membership level in July 2015. The new level will be gained by members who earn 75,000 qualifying points or stay at IHG hotels for 75 nights per year. Members who achieve this new tier status, receive 100% extra bonus points on qualifying stays and can choose to either receive 25,000 points or to upgrade a friend/family member to Platinum tier status.

Change 2: The introduction of new qualification requirements for all membership levels

The hotel group has lowered the qualification requirements for all its tier levels making it easier for members of the IHG Rewards Club Programme to get rewarded.

  • To be eligible for Gold membership, Club members need to earn 10,000 qualifying points or stay for 10 qualifying nights. (previously 15 nights or a minimum of 20,000 points)
  • To achieve Platinum membership, Gold members required 40,000 qualifying points or stay for 40 qualifying nights. (previously 50 nights or  a minimum of 60,000 points)

Change 3: Your points expire after 12 months of inactivity

As part of the revised hotel loyalty programme, IHG Rewards Club members will have to earn or redeem their loyalty within 12 months; otherwise points already earned will expire in their entirety. The new rule appplies as of May 2015.

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