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British Airways Executive Club: BA is introducing seat allocation rules for hand baggage only fares

12th March 2015

British Airways Executive Club: BA changes its seat allocation rules for hand baggage only faresFlightline Travel Management has been informed that from 26th March 2015,  British Airways Executive Club members who have purchased hand baggage only flight tickets will no longer be able to choose a seat. Instead, the airline will allocate a seat for free for all executive club members when booking a Hand Baggage Only (HBO) fare on a short-haul flight with British Airways.

Seat allocation for British Airways Executive Club members will take place during the check-in process. Travellers who wish to change their allocated seat would be charged a given fee at time of check-in. Alternatively, travellers can reserve their seat when booking a flight ticket. However, the above changes do not apply to all British Airways Executive Club Members booking a hand baggage only fare when travelling with an infant.

For all other fares, Bronze members can continue to select their seat for free seven days before departure. Silver and Gold members select their seat  for free at time of booking.

Travellers with hand baggage only flight ticket are allowed to take one piece of luggage and a  handbag or laptop bag on board. However, the main piece of hand luggage is limited to a maximum size of 56cm x 45cm x 25cm. HBO fares are BA’s lowest fares available to destinations in the UK and across Europe. These usually low priced fares offer great value for travellers who want to travel light and but do not include a checked baggage allowance.

The initiative follows an earlier announcement of the airline in regards to changes to in the way British Airways Executive Club members can earn and spend Avios points to align customer rewards with spend.

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