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Post business travel to-do-list for getting back on track after your trip

5th February 2015

post-business-travel-to-do-list---Flightline-Business-Travel-AgentsPreviously, we have compiled business travel agents tips for before and during your trip. This blog contains the final part of our series, focusing on business travel tips for getting back on track after your trip. You can use this as a basic post business travel to-do list, including considerations regarding travel expense reimbursement and how to recover quickly from the stresses of business travel. This should leave you with fewer worries about what you need to remember once you returned and help you to get ready for the next business trip.

1. Travel Expense Reimbursement
When you have returned from your business trip, you will have to sort your travel expense reimbursement. Double check your receipts, local laws (VAT reclaim on international business travel) and regulations of your company (expense management and claims) to make sure you are in line with your organisation’s travel policy and regulations. In any case, you business travel company should have general business travel expense guidelines that may be of help to you.

2. Business Trip Report
After each business trip, you should write a business trip report. Business travel reports are usually organised as memorandum and include the following: the purpose of your business travel, where you went, what you did, with whom you met, the type of information you gained, your recommendations and the action(s) you have taken, or will take. Many companies have standard formats, so you may want to check with yours.

3. Evolve your email
A little bit of strategy can help you to handle unanswered emails that may pile up while you are away. By sorting and prioritising your email according to subject, sender and date, you can more easily detect those you can delete straight away, like for example advertising, newsletters you’re not interested in or emails that were sent repeatedly.

4. Look for mindfulness gaps
Mid-week meetings can be a rewarding experience, but these short overnight hops can also be exhausting. Contrary to what many employers seem to think, you are no robot and business travel doesn’t mean you should be working 24/7. Make sure that after a long day full of meetings you also take some time to relax, get your energy back and find your mindfulness gaps. Actually, you may also have short ones between meetings while on that taxi or train ride. Let your mind wonder or have a short nap to re-energise, which will help you to stay focused and efficient. Checking your emails in every available time slot may rather leave you stressed and drained.

5. Consider building in a “re-entry” day
It may be a good idea, if possible, to extend your out-of-office message to one day after your return from business travel. This, ideally appointment- and meeting-free day, can give you some time to recover and catch up on your voice mails and emails.

6. Re-Packing – preps for the next trip
Back to square one: Get prepared for your next business travel. For example, having a pre-packed bag is, in general, a good idea, especially if you have to travel frequently for business purposes. It is a matter of saving time and being ready to go. So, keep your bag partially packed and fill up the essentials. This way you only have to top it up with the remaining necessities next time you travel for business. ( … read more travel pre-packing tips)

Flightline business travel agents are here to help you reduce business travel stress

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