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7 business travel agents tips to make your time at the airport less stressful

22nd January 2015

business-travel-agents-tips---make-your time at the airport more-less stressfulBusiness travel agents tips: Spending time at the airport can be daunting, especially when your flight is delayed, or you have to travel for business at peak times. Your stress level will increase, unless, you turn the time you spend waiting at the airport into a positive business travel experience, for example by making the most of the wide range of options available. Plus, smart planning and being well prepared for the unexpected can make your stay at the airport stress-free and more enjoyable. So, if you’ve followed some of our seven pre-travel planning tips, then you’re already half way.

As your helpful business travel agents, we’ve put together some useful advice on how you can make your time at the airport more enjoyable and minimise the stress related to business travel. So, while at the airport, you may consider the following points:

1. Check-in online before you leave for the airport

Most airlines offer an online check-in facility to the modern leisure and business traveller. So whether you are using your mobile device or your desktop PC, make sure you check-in online to your flight before you travel to the airport. This means you have one less thing to do and save time at the airport. Plus, you can download your electronic boarding pass to your mobile device or print it before you start your business trip or make any seat or cabin changes long before your flight departure time.

2. Have the right mindset

The important thing to do, if you want to have a more enjoyable corporate travel, is to put yourself in the right mindset. Because, when you think positive you will enjoy yourself and be more relaxed, even if your flight is delayed or you have to wait in a security line. The same applies for your business trip, the more you think positive, the better off you will be. You could consider the airport as a great place for networking, get yourself up to date by reading industry news or check your emails while you are waiting for your flight.

3. Pick the “right” security line

Take a humorous look at this choice you have. Have you seen the scene in the 2009 movie “Up in the Air”, when George Clooney selects the “right” security line? In any case, not always is the shortest queue the best line, frequent business travellers probably know. Check how efficient the personnel manning the line are and the number of travellers ahead of you. Next you should watch out for unconventional luggage, which is likely to be inspected, families with small children, and travellers who appear to have not been in the airport security line in years. Picking the right line, can save you hours.

Not only when travelling to the US, but especially then, as the TSA screening protocol has expanded, some small ways may save you even more time during airport screening. Ideally, put metal items (watch, keys, change, phone, etc.) into your hand luggage. And for those of you wearing dress shoes through airport security, maybe consider trading in your laces for a pair of slip-ons. You never know when you may need those two minutes you’ll save.

4. Know your rights

This means you should know your rights, so you are prepared, in case something goes wrong. For example, if your flight is delayed, you are denied boarding your flight involuntarily due to cancellation or your luggage has not arrived yet at your business travel destination, you are entitled to financial  flight delay compensation. Plus, business travel companies, like Flightline Travel Management, will advise you before you start your journey about your rights and support you 24/7 while you are travelling.

5. Don’t hesitate to ask

Ask for help or advice, it won’t hurt. If you have an airline-related question ask one of the gate agents or airline staff in your terminal. For a general question about the airport, such as “is there any place with free Wi-Fi and a charging station to connect your mobile devices?” or “Where is the best place to grab something to eat nearby?” simply ask the customer support or information desks for help. After all, that’s what customer information desks are there for.

6. A bag for your carry-on bag

Ideally, have a few small zip lock storage bags with you. At the airport security checkpoint, instead of dumping the contents of your pockets into those plastic baskets that the TSA uses, experienced business travel agents would advise you to gather your pens, keys, wallet including coins, phone and the other contents of your pockets and slip them into one of the zip lock storage bags. It is one less hassle to deal with at the security checkpoint if you put the bag in an outside pocket of your carry-on, ready to be pulled out if needed.

7. Create an on-boarding routine

Especially for long-distance flights, consider e.g. organizing all your reading material in a separate bag (within your carry-on) when packing. It is amazing how many people reach their seat and start looking for things they would like to keep with them, such as books, mp3 players and other items, blocking the aisle. If you prepare that bag accordingly, you have everything you need ready with one hand movement.

What are your top tips for reducing stress related to business travel? 

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