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Stress free business travel: 7 golden pre-travel packing rules for a more enjoyable business trip

16th October 2014

 Stress free business travel? Travelling for work can be one of the best or most stressful times for many. There may be times when business travellers are looking forward travelling to a new prospective destination to broaden their horizon or simply to have a change of location. shutterstock_217190326

However, all too often it is quickly eclipsed by the overwhelming realisation that you now have to actually do some extensive travelling to get there. Suddenly, you have to allocate time to prepare your trip and adjust your schedule around your projected travel period. Gone is the excitement about going on a stress free business travel. The combination of pre-travel planning, booking accommodation, arranging transport, managing expenses and receipts, especially without the support of a business travel company, can add to your stress levels – alongside having to work on planes or trains often with a lack of slept.

To help you minimise business travel related stress to keep up your creativity and productivity, our business travel agents team has compiled some useful pre-travel packing tips for professionals looking for stress free business travel.

1. Have a pre-packed bag ready 

shutterstock_162547097_390x259pxRule of a thumb, for benefitting from stress free business travel, is to never leave packing to the very last minute. Plus, having a pre-packed bag prepared for if the worst happens is highly recommended by many disaster-prep specialists. However, it is not just a matter of the worst happening, but also of saving time and ‘being ready’ to go on your business trip. A partially packed bag can help you make sure you are equipped with the basics such as your technology bag with cords and other gadgets, a change of underwear, socks and a back-up shirt or blouse, a fully stocked toiletries kit (ideally use sample sizes), and anything else you know you will need. Stock some internal pockets with notepads, pens and other essential office supplies such as business cards, a fold-down umbrella; and potentially breathe mints. Obviously, refill and refresh it all at the end of each trip. This way, once you have to go on your next business trip, you’re fully prepared for your trip without looking for and forgetting the basics. Set aside little increments of time every day to get your packing done step by step, while you stay ahead of your busy schedule and have time to get the chore done.

2. Pack the right clothes for your business trip

Another useful business travel agents tip for stress free business travel is to pack one colour of trousers/skirt with a matching jacket, which you can easily combine with various coloured shirts/blouses and accessories. Ideally wear shoes that will fit any outfit combination, also wearing the heaviest or space taking items, if the weather allows. So, you don’t have to add it to your luggage.

3. Make sure your carry-on luggage has the right size

Many people get it wrong when it comes to ensuring they have the right size of carry-on luggage to get them on board and avoid checking-in bags. A good strategy for a more stress free business travel, can be to take two rather equal-sized bags instead of a large and a smaller one. One bag should be flexible so it can fit any space available in the overhead locker while the other one should be the maximum size that will fit under the seat.

4. Organise your gadgets

travel-organizerIt is important to keep your gadgets organised, especially when you travel for business. If you’re checking a bag, pack all of your gadgets, along with any chargers and accessories that go with them, in your carry-on. Never pack a device in a bag separate from its charger! Dedicate certain spaces either in your bag or in a specific organiser to keep all your technological gadgets and accessories together, either in a specific  helps to have a stress free business travel. Not only you’ll find your cables and connectors, but also helps you save time when performing a quick inventory check. This way you easily detect if you’ve left anything behind.

5. Equip yourself with appropriate backups and electrical plug adapters

You may want to look into backup chargers or battery extenders to give your mobile devices a boost during your business travel. Companies like mophie, for example offer iPhone cases with built-in rechargeable batteries. Before you go abroad on a business trip, our business travel agents advice would also be to take a look at websites for advice on the type of plug converter you need.  You certainly don’t want to realise you have brought the wrong one, just when your laptop or mobile phone are about to run out of battery.

6. Stay connected while travelling

Many hotels and airports or even airport restaurants offer nowadays free WiFi hotspots for travellers. However, there is no guarantee that you’ll find great internet access at your destination, especially when you are travelling to remote areas. Plus, daily or even hourly access fees are often rather high. In such cases, a better way would be to purchase an international data plan for your mobile phone, which, usually, is a much cheaper option. This way you can use your smartphone or iPhone as a hotspot for data.

7. Minimise the amount of devices and cables

Remember ‘less is sometimes more’, you may want to re-think what devices and associated cables you really need to take on your next business trip. Usually, it’s all too much. Most business travellers are far better served by keeping to the basics: either a tablet or a laptop and a good smartphone. For charging most devices, nowadays have some kind of USB connection cable. Therefore, since many international hotels do not offer too many electric outlets in the rooms, our business travel agents would suggest that you may be best off charging your laptop via a socket and using its USB ports for charging the remaining device(s).

Stress free business travel with business travel services from Flightline Travel Management

Should you need any further advice, speak to a consultant from Flightline Travel Management Ltd and find out how our business travel agents team can provide you with the ideal business travel solutions for a cost effective and stress free business travel. Over 20 years of experience have made Flightline Travel one of the leading independent business travel companies in the UK. We offer pro-active customer service and robust business travel solutions for stress free business travel and helping your keep your employees save while they are travelling for work. Get in touch with a Flightline Travel consultant today by calling 0844 332 0174 or make an online enquiry.

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