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Business travel agency services: 10 reasons for outsourcing your travel management

27th October 2014

Why outsource your travel management to a business travel agency, when your authorised employees can book their business trip online themselves via the internet? Nowadays travellers are experienced and used to book travel arrangement online, because it’s simple. But when it comes to corporate business travel this is not as simple as it may seem at the first glance. You surely can manage and book business travel yourself, but thinking that you would save money by avoiding possible transaction fees of a business travel agency may be a mistake.

In Outsourcing-business-travel-management---Flightline-business-travel-agencyfact, business travel companies (TMC’s) can support your company and help you find the best business travel solutions, while you keep on doing what you and your employees do best – taking care of your business. This way you increase productivity and thus revenue. Of course, there is a correlation between the savings that you can make and the amount of your travel expenditures. Outsourcing your travel management or parts of it to a business travel agency can be advantageous to firms of all sizes.

For example, UK SME companies, not working with a business travel agency, in general, waste at least 20% of their travel expenditure as they often simply don’t have purchasing clout or the resources  with the know-how of a TMC to ensure they get the best deal. Of course, it is easy to find cheap fares. But having the time and knowing where to search for cost effective tickets that are refundable, have minimal cancellation fees, or can be date changed is invaluable for any business. For instance, paying an extra £50 on a flexible fare may be worthwhile if you can flexibly change the date for nothing (normal fee approximately £100), or gain a full refund when cancelling (average business class ticket could cost you about £1400). Since controlling travel spend is a key objective of many companies and travel costs can add up quickly. Thus, the ultimate question is whether you can afford not to outsource business travel or at least not to even consider using a business travel agency.

The most important benefits of using a business travel agency, like ‘Flightline Travel’,  include that services are tailored to your companies individual needs, provided by knowledgeable and agents with many years of experience. They can also support you in managing corporate travel programmes more effectively, for instance in revising your company travel policy to make it more efficient where needed, also ensuring your travellers stay safe and within policy.

Business travel services and solutions offered by a business travel agency are personalised to your travellers’ needs, flexible and dependable. While travelling employees and current bookers (secretaries, PA’s or other individuals) can concentrate on their primary role, help increase revenue, whilst the business travel agency adds measurable value through personal service, time savings and value for money. Here are 10 reasons for using a business travel agency:

  1. Assistance and professional support, for example if there is a problem with your booking or you need to arrange a complex multi-trip and a central point of contact, which is key to streamlining your business travel
  2. Access to special ‘Business Packages’ for flights, transfers and accommodation. Sourcing hotels, car-hire in conjunction (as well as alternatives) with air travel often offers access to cheaper rates.
  3. Alternatives are sourced, regarding your travel, i.e. rail, sea or car hire, as well as various hotel reservation options
  4. The provision of emergency services & assistance, if needed, such as locating your business travellers, quickly finding alternative travel options in case of strikes, terrorist attacks, political unrest or natural disasters.
  5. The option to ‘Hold’ bookings  for flights, hotels, ….
  6. Flexible payment options: Where usually payment online has to be made only by the traveller’s credit card, payment can be made by another person/the organisation
  7.  ‘One Stop Shop’ option (not only transportation and accommodation, but also ancilliary services such as visa procurement support, insurance, airport parking and/or VIP chauffeur transfers)
  8. Constructive fare pricing (i.e. offering you time alternatives for your travel options to let you save money, e.g. by going half an hour earlier or later)
  9. Access to vital MI data, which offers you a detailed overview on how much your staff is spending/saving on their business trip and where they are travelling to, making it easy to spot additional savings opportunities and drive compliance
  10.  Access to special deals that are not easily – if at all – available in the marketplace, when booking travel yourself

All in all, using a business travel agency offers you more flexibility and a larger range of options, while you don’t get distracted from your primary work. So, whether you consider to take a DIY approach or to outsource business travel, here is a simple list of key financial considerations and repercussions to help you.

Flightline business travel agency services for smarter corporate travel management

We have spent over 20 years helping  companies by providing expert knowledge, fully personalised business travel solutions and superior customer service with a personal touch. As a leading business travel agency, we deliver tailored business travel solutions for the needs of modern business travellers. Thinking about outsourcing your business travel management? Call us at 0844 332 0174 and find out what we can achieve for your business. Alternatively you can make an online enquiry an we will get back to you within one work day.

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