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Business Travel to China: Hong Kong City Guide for business travellers

1st August 2014

Business travel leads you to China and especially to Hong Kong, one of Asia’s most dynamic, ever-evolving cities and its financial centre? You’ll be amazed by the variety of the city’s offers: a place where ‘East meets West’, with countless dining experiences, venues and a distinctive collage of architecture contrasted with a peaceful countryside that few are aware even exists.

The Destination Hong Kong 

Business travel Hong Kong Guide for business travelllers to flying to AsiaThe city’s sophisticated infrastructure, easy accessibility, business-friendly environment, professional expertise and a vibrant lifestyle  make Hong Kong a premier destination for corporate meetings, incentives, conventions and business events. It offers numerous options for venue, itinerary and team activities to maximise team performance. Plus, it counts to some of the top international business travel hub and is also home to one of the 7 world wonders, namely the cityscape by night, seen from across Victoria Harbour. This little insight should give you a first impression of your wide choice Hong Kong has to offer to business travel planners and their employees travelling to Hong Kong, be it for business per se or additional explorations outside of business hours.

Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA)

Hong Kong International Airport provides a world-class experience for business travel, as it not only offers efficient check-in and immigration facilities, competent travel services, varied shopping (over 200) and dining (over 60) options, as well as accommodations, but also extensive corporate meeting and conference facilities. The fact that free Wi-Fi is available at the airport will delight leisure and business travellers alike. More than 100 airlines offering long-haul and short-haul flights to about 180 destinations worldwide. Plus, with Cathay Pacific and Virgin Atlantic offering direct flights between Hong Kong and London and plenty of other airlines offering non-direct flights, that can be purchased by travellers or their business travel agents. So planning your business trip to Hong Kong by plane shouldn’t state any problem.

Ground Transportation Network-  rail services, car rental, business taxis, chauffeured limousine services and ferries

The airport is well connected with local destinations via the Airport Express Line (takes 24 minutes to central downtown, to AsiaWorld-Expo 1 minute) with fares between HK$5 (approx. £0.40, €0.50, $0.65) and HK$100 (approx. £7.60, €9.45, $12.90), bus companies (about 40 routes), local tour coaches (about 670 trips per day from HKIA to downtown) and hotel transfer shuttles. Additionally, connections with places within the Pearl River Delta (PRD), thus not only Hong Kong, but also e.g. Macau or Guangzhou, are offered by Mainland Coaches (about 550 trips daily), Ferries from SkyPier (arriving within 30-90 minutes at ports within the PRD; for transfer travellers only, not applicable to those originating in Hong Kong) and SkyLimo (offering limousine services with a fleet of 270 vehicles). Of course, taxis are also available, mostly ranging from about HK$45 (approx. £3.40, €4.25, $5.80) to HK$390 (approx. £29.55, €36.85, $50.30), depending on your destination.

Furthermore, car rental companies like Avis, Hertz or honk are available in Hong Kong, but may be subject to a delivery surcharge when ordered to the airport if the car rental company has no airport office. Frequent business travellers know, it may be cheaper to use alternative means of ground transportation , especially due to the high amount of road traffic. So, unless you need to travel for business to more remote areas, public transport (such as underground or rail services) may be the best option to get around throughout your business travel trip in the area in and around Hong Kong.

Hotels in Hong Kong

No matter if you have made your hotel bookings via your designated business travel company or by yourself, hotel rates are generally subject to the business traveller’s time of travel and the choice of non-negotiated or negotiated hotel rates available.  However, as a rule of a thumb, unless you have booked your hotel in advance, an information counter, that provides accommodation booking services, can be found upon your arrival at the airport (arrivals area, Terminal 1, halls A and B). Apart from the hotels at the airport, there are many hotel options in Hong Kong. Additionally,  a lot of the best restaurants, bars and spas can be found in the city’s top hotels, which mostly overlook Victoria Harbour. Boutique hotels are just starting off, so they may be more difficult to find. Likewise, due to the high price of rent, there are only a few cheap hotels in Hong Kong, usually in central locations. Considering service-appartments for your business travel, may be a good alternative and help you save business travel expenses.

Hong Kong hotels can be grouped into three pricing categories:

  • luxury hotels, e.g. Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons and The Peninsula (over HK$3,000, i.e. approx. £227.45, €283.50, $387.10), ideal for VIP Executive travellers
  • moderate priced accommodations, e.g. W, The Luxe Manor or the J Plus Boutique Hotel (HK$1,200 to HK$3,000, i.e. approx. from £100, €113.40, $154.80 to £227.45, €283.50, $387.10),
  • cheap hotels, e.g. Bishop Lei International House, Butterfly on Morrison (up to HK$1,200, i.e. approx. £100, €113.40, $154.80).

These Hong Kong hotel prices are for a double room per night, including breakfast, but excluding service charge and tax, unless otherwise specified. But remember, it is standard that all hotel bills in Hong Kong are subject to 10% service charge.

Many business travellers arrive in Hong Kong for the numerous international trade fairs or conventions and during these exhibitions the hotels not only raise their prices, but are in general fully booked. The earlier you book, the more likely you are to get a decent price for your hotel accommodation.

If you are planning a business trip to China and look to get the best Hong Kong hotel deals, then please speak to one of our business travel management specialists.

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