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The modern business traveller values personalised corporate travel services

16th April 2014

Expectations and priorities in corporate travel are continuously changing, especially when it comes to meeting the needs of the millennial business traveller. The tomorrow’s business traveller is the generation of tech savvy digital natives heavily relying on instant access and constant contact when it comes to planning business travel. In simple terms, they travel more frequently, love their travel mobile apps and gadgets, expect mobility, and crave convenience and are more likely to spend more on business trips. Research suggests that millennial travellers will represent 50% of the workforce in 2020.

Personal Touch vs. Online Travel Booking System
Female-business-traveller-personalised corporate travel servicesSo it is no surprise that forward-thinking companies are focussing to provide more intuitive online travel booking systems and give business travellers increased access to self-managed travel technology, like mobile apps. However, according to the recently published Amadeus Report ‘Business Travel Insights 2014  – Business Travel Gets Personal’ over 50% of travellers will use their phone or email to make their initial travel booking through their travel management company, rather than booking through their agent’s online travel booking system. This demand for a personal approach is especially obvious when it comes to changing travel plans. Some of 61% will call their corporate travel consultant to amend travel plans.

Following the trend of personalised corporate travel services, the ‘Amadeus Insights Report’ confirms the value business travellers put on the ability to tailor-make their business travel experience by specifying personalised ancillary services or “added extras” when booking a business trip. Especially, extra legroom, dietary requests, specific lounge access were rated by the majority of business travellers as important.

How can companies prepare for the future and optimise their corporate travel programmes so that they meet the increasing demand of the modern tech savvy business traveller for:

  • More efficiency when they are out on the road
  • The capability of working more productively when travelling
  • The flexibility to easily customise bookings, for example by adding ancillary services (e.g. airport lounge access, meeting rooms at the hotel, where they stay, …)
  • Being able to gain loyalty points for every business trip and enjoy a richer travel experience

The below list contains some tips for corporate travel managers and companies aiming to give their travellers a better, more connected and more personalised business travel experience:

  • Offer truly end-to-end corporate travel experiences
  • Take out the stress from business travel, for example by ensuring changing travel arrangements is as stress-free and easy as possible
  • Empower your travellers to tailor their travel experience
  • Think about how you can better incentivise and rewards employees by working with colleagues in Human Resources?
  • How can the HR department help you improve your business travellers’ individual trip experience, for example by making it simpler to claim back travel expenses?
  • Analyse how business travel management systems support your organisation’s sustainability objectives

Personalised corporate travel services for the modern business traveller

Flightline Travel Management is a leading business travel agency delivering truly tailored business travel solutions that fully meet the needs of modern business traveller. Our team of pro-active and experienced travel agents understand corporate travel management and the expectations business travellers have when it comes to travelling for business. For over 20 years, we have helped SMEs and international corporations to take out the stress from business travel through expert knowledge, an open partnership, fully personalised business travel solutions – and superior customer service with a personal touch. To find out more about corporate travel services and solutions from Flightline Travel Management, please speak to one of our travel consultants by calling 0844 332 0174. Alternatively, send us an online enquiry and we will get in touch with you within one 1 workday.

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