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Business travel tips: Simple checks business travellers should do in hotel rooms

6th February 2014

If you’re a regular follower of our business travel blog you’ll know that here at Flightline Travel Management we like to pass on useful business travel tips to both our customers and our readers. When you’re away on business for any period your hotel becomes your base, so it’s essential that it functions as smoothly as possible to ensure your pre-meeting preparations go unhindered. Follow these business travel tips from our specialist division Hotel-Line to improve your chances of success.

Business travel tips focus on hotel accomodation

Bedbugs can potentially play a significant role in whether or not you are in the right frame of mind to conduct your business successfully. Before you even open your suitcase, make sure you scrutinize your bed, particularly any sheets, pillows, the mattress, and even the bed frame and headboard. You may not be able to see the actual bugs, but you can tell if they are present by the brown bloodstains they leave behind, a consequence of the blood they’ve consumed from previous occupants. If you have any suspicions at all, one of our business travel tips is to refuse to accept the room and demand another.

Another important one of our business travel tips is to ensure that the room temperature control is working correctly. Again, like the bedbugs issue, ensure everything is correct and to your satisfaction before you unpack your bags. It will be a lot easier to insist on an alternative room before you’ve settled in, rather than later on when hotel management have moved onto other matters. The last thing you want is an uncomfortable hot or cold night, only to discover that there is no maintenance staff available to fix the problem, and no alternative rooms available to move to.

The third of our essential business travel tips you should carry out before settling into your room is ensuring that no one is secretly hiding there. You may wish to insist that a member of hotel staff accompanies you to your room so that you can safely check in the shower, in the closet, and even under the bed to be sure you are securely alone. We don’t want to sound dramatic or alarmist but you can never be too careful. Remember, you’re putting your trust in an environment that is new to you, so just like any other new situation, be alert and take extra care.

Now that the immediate essential business travel tips have been performed you can begin to settle into your room, but before you completely relax make sure the following activities are ticked off.

Make sure to reset or switch off the alarm clock. If you don’t you run the risk of being unexpectedly woken at some unforgiving hour of the night, with the potential problem of being able to get satisfactorily back to sleep. If you don’t need the alarm, simply pull the clock plug out.

Safety first – make sure you take the time to study the fire escape map. By law all hotel rooms will have this on display, typically on the back of your room door, or as part of the hotel’s services package. Whichever the case, five minutes understanding the basic layout of your hotel could prove the difference between life and death in the instance of a fire or emergency. Remember, the chances are you won’t be situated on the ground floor, so knowing where the stairs and exits are is vital.

Housekeeping will be provided for your room on a daily basis, and obvious things like emptying the bin, making the bed and cleaning the bathroom are services you will notice, but it’s the subtler activities that if missed or inadequately performed which can lead to sanitary problems. If not cleaned thoroughly, light switches, doorknobs, kettles, even remote controls will harbour germs which can potentially lead to illness. One of our business travel tips is to bring antibacterial wipes on your trip and give these common surfaces a thorough wipe down prior to direct contact with your skin. On another sanitary note, while bed linen – pillow cases and sheets – will be regularly changed – and obvious to you if they haven’t been – bedspreads and duvets may be another matter. Tell-tale signs include sheets placed between the cover and the bed. If this is the case you may prefer to remove the duvet and avoid the possibility of contact with the previous occupants’ germs.

Speaking of housekeeping, be sure to employ the ‘do not disturb’ sign to ensure your privacy. This is essential if you’re planning a lie in, or intend to be concentrating on work and want to avoid any interruptions. When you’re ready to leave your room, don’t forget to remove the sign if you want your room tidied and bed linen replaced.

Hotel-Line business travel tips help make your business travel run smoother

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