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Corporate travel management: Bad weather & winter travel tips

30th December 2013

In part two of our corporate travel management tips on bad weather and winter business travel, ‘Flightline Travel’ focus on air and rail travel. Although both are distinctly different methods of transport they share similarities when it comes to avoiding pitfalls and problems.

Corporate Travel Management -  Winter Travel Tips from Flightline Travel agentsPlanning ahead is the number one corporate travel management tip when it comes to plane and train travel. You cannot underestimate the amount of problems you could face during bad weather and winter conditions. Even in better times travel by these means can have pitfalls, so the additional variables that bad weather and winter conditions create vastly increase the possibility of trouble. If your departure could be affected by bad weather, make sure you’re aware of the alternatives. If you anticipate arriving in bad weather conditions, researching of your destination could prove vital. So, look for information such as:

  • What are the local travel options for getting from the airport or train station to your hotel or business destination?
  • If you can’t travel independently by road, is their adequate public transport provision?
  • What is the nearest subway or train station to your intended destination, and what time does it open and close at?

For instance, if you’re travelling to New York in December the chances are there will be snowy conditions. This means your flight could be delayed landing, or worse diverted to another airport all together. With this in mind you may choose to travel to your destination a day earlier, and for the price of an additional night’s hotel accommodation gain peace of mind knowing you’ll get to your meeting or event in good time. The same goes for train travel. Departing either much earlier than ordinarily necessary or a day in advance, in anticipation of potential bad weather, will increase the chances of successfully making your meeting or event on time. You might consider the additional expense as inappropriate, but you should look upon it as an insurance policy designed to anticipate the worst case scenario. Is not paying the expense worth the possibility of jeopardizing a relationship or new business opportunity? Allowing for extra time is a crucial corporate travel management tip, and more often than not the difference between success and failure.

Unlike car travel, where you can spontaneously determine where and when you want to go to, plane and train travel is by nature scheduled and thus deprives the business traveller of options in the event of delay or cancellation. At times like these the most basic human requirements that we all take for granted in normal conditions can suddenly disappear. Being in a confined environment for a long time with no the option to leave – for instance when you have already boarded an aircraft whose departure is delayed, or being on a train which has had to stop midway through its journey – can deprive the business traveller of essentials like food, water and entertainment. You can’t count on having access to these things in bad conditions. Resources can soon run out – just ask any business traveller who’s been stuck for hours on a UK train – and frustration will soon set in. Advanced preparation means these issues can be avoided. Our essential corporate travel management tip is to be sure to bring a bottle of water with you for the journey, just in case. Include a book, magazine or newspaper in your must-bring to do list. Make sure your smartphone or mobile device is fully charged before you leave home, and make sure to bring the mains charger too. These days many trains provide the opportunity to charge personal electronic devices, and if you find yourself delayed for many hours they’ll soon run out of energy.

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