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Corporate travel tips: Getting fresh air everyday

13th November 2013

We’ve all been on a long plane journey and then had to go straight into a business meeting.  This busy on-the-go lifestyle has no signs of letting up during a corporate trip as we are so busy with our work and rushing around attending various meetings that have been scheduled. As a result we do not get a moment to ourselves, and so it is no surprise that we constantly feel exhausted.  It is often the case that during a corporate trip we will overlook the simple things in life.  This edition of our corporate travel tips focuses on something that is easy to do but is very energising: getting some fresh air everyday.

Corporate Travel Tips from Flightline Travel Management

The easiest way to ensure you get some fresh air everyday is to go for a walk.  Going for a walk often helps to clear your mind and refresh yourself for the day ahead, as well as keeping you fit and active. At home you may have a routine of going for a morning walk everyday before you start work.  It would be useful to maintain such a routine during a corporate trip as though time may be limited it is important to make time for yourself.

Similarly, going jogging or running may be one of your favourite activities.  If you enjoy running whilst listening to music, then bring your iPod with you on your corporate trip.  You may also like to plan a specific route before you go running.  This could also be done on your corporate trip, in fact why not plan the route around some of the cities famous sights nearby you!

Another increasingly popular past time is yoga.  Yoga has many benefits which include helping you to relax and reducing stress and anxiety.  When on a corporate trip you cannot attend your yoga class and there may not be enough space in your hotel room for you to perform your exercises.  However, one possible solution is to do your yoga in a park nearby.  Here you will have enough space and the fresh air will help with your breathing exercises!

However you do it, getting some fresh air everyday will help to clear your mind and energise you for the day ahead.  Follow our corporate travel tips for further healthy ways to become more effective on your business trip.

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