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Business travel tips: The sweet smell of success

6th November 2013

Continuing from our previous business travel tips post on home comforts, we now turn to lavender essential oil. When you’re focussed on working hard to make your business a success, the last thing you need to worry about is business travel. Business travel can be very strenuous and exhausting, particularly on long haul flights. Whether you have problems sleeping on a plane or get very anxious, lavender essential oil is your solution.


A small bottle (no more than 100ml) of lavender essential oil can be carried in travel bags, including the clear plastic bag required for toiletries when going through airport security. Lavender is also easier to use than most essential oils; it can be used neat and doesn’t need to be diluted like most other oils. Applying one drop directly to the skin is often all that is required. Lavender has a calming quality and helps to reduce stress. Our experiences have shown that applying just one drop of lavender essential oil to your temple will help you to sleep, to reduce anxiety on flights, and even just to help you relax throughout the day.

After a long hard day’s work, lavender essential oil can also be used as an evening treat. Soak a cloth in warm water that contains two drops of the oil and place it on your face. This will open your pores and help you to relax. Alternatively, add it to a bath or to the floor of the shower to help soothe and calm you down. A further quality of lavender is that it is antiseptic. This means that it can even help to clear spots or blemishes. Simply add one drop of the lavender oil to the directed area and see the results overnight.

The calming effect of lavender essential oil will ease your business travel worries, help you to focus on what’s required of you, and subsequently improve your performance. A calmer you is a better you. This is one of our favourite business travel tips.

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