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A healthy breakfast before departing is one of our business travel tips

16th October 2013

Business travel tips come in all shapes and sizes, much the same way breakfasts do too. The second of our business travel tips focuses on ‘the most important meal of the day’ – breakfast. Ensuring you’re properly fed before your day begins can make a big impact on how your day works out, and this is especially true if you’re intending to undertake business travel, particularly if you’re going long distance from one time zone to another.
Business travel tips: healthy breakfastIf things aren’t going your way business travel can sometimes be chaotic, out of your control. This can lead to stress and fatigue which can have an adverse effect on your performance at business meetings or events. With this in mind, it’s important to take a firm grip of what you can control, and ensuring you eat properly at the beginning of the day is something you can and should. A proper breakfast can make all the difference, if only because you never know when you may get to eat next.

Avoid too much sugar. This may appear to give you a boost to begin with, but you can be assured that later in the day once the sugar rush has worn off you’ll be left feeling tired and hungry. A protein based breakfast will be much better for you as its energy providing goodness will be distributed throughout your day, rather than all at once, helping to maintain a consistent, balanced body feeling for longer. Food suggestions include eating fruit (bananas are energy giving treasures and a business traveller favourite, but these are very high in sugar and good for a short term burst of energy) either with or without plain yoghurt, eggs either by themselves or accompanied with whole grain toast, and water. What, no orange juice you say? Again, OJ may provide a big boost of sugar early in your day, but your body will experience the down later on.

And what of the great English fried breakfast? Tasty for sure, but too greasy and prone to making you feel bloated, and best avoided. It’s one of our business travel tips you should follow.

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Travel advice part inspired by Amanda Cook at business travel website

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