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Flightline Travel Management launches MyTripBoard for business travel

23rd October 2013

Travel Arrangers and Travellers get more flexibility and improved access to their corporate travel data while businesses improve CSR compliance in corporate travel management.

Haddenham, Buckinghamshire, UK – Oct. 23rd, 2013: As part of our commitment to innovation and delivering the perfect travel experience, Flightline Travel Management Ltd is launching ‘MyTripBoard’. The itinerary management solution is powered by ‘Advantage Focus Dashboard’. ‘MyTripBoard’ is designed to simplify booking management processes for travel arrangers, while improving the business travel experience for employees.

Travel management with MyTripBoard

Using ‘MyTripBoard’, travel arrangers can easily capture corporate travel reservations, access their travellers’ itineraries and schedules faster, whilst benefitting from a 360 degree view of the status of all bookings held with Flightline Travel. The itinerary online app allows travel arrangers to check their corporate travel bookings 24/7 and to create daily, monthly departure projections with a touch of a button using dashboard view. With the itinerary management solution, travel arrangers can flexibly drill-down to detailed booking information, such as locations, date or the traveller’s name.

For business travellers, ‘MyTripBoard’ provides a better view of the status of their bookings and offers instantaneous access to travel itinerary details at anytime.

“The consumerisation of business travel continues to put pressure on companies to meet employees’ expectations for easy-to-use tools to help them manage their business trips. ‘MyTripBoard’ closes the gap between the corporations need for efficiency, the travel organisers need for control, and the traveller’s desire for more flexibility. Whether you are in the office or travelling for business, managing your travel itineraries is now easier than ever before. Plus, the capability to capture travel data across multiple booking sources makes ‘MyTripBoard’ a valuable itinerary management solution for SMEs and large corporations,” says Jim McDaid, Managing Director, Flightline Travel Management Ltd.

‘MyTripBoard’ helps travel managers and businesses to fulfil duty of care requirements in compliance with the Corporate Manslaughter Act, which requires companies to know where employees are located when travelling for business. At the same time it also supports the fulfilment of pastoral duties towards employees, by being able to locate business travellers at any time. The system also offers different access levels/ user roles which enables different people to easily access the information relevant to their role within the company, including finance, personal assistant or human resources.

About Flightline Travel Management

Flightline Travel Management is one of the leading, independent business travel agents in UK. Flightline Travel is a leading member of Advantage Business Travel Centres, UK’s largest buying consortium with over £ 3 billion turnover. We provide corporate travel agency services and modern travel management software solutions to SME’s, large corporations, business travellers, travel organisers, and travel managers. By delivering innovative business travel solutions, Flightline Travel helps organisations to better control travel spend and optimise business travel programmes, while helping their employees to travel faster, smarter and greener.

‘MyTripBoard’ is a modern travel management application that aggregates all travel itinerary information into one easy-to-access location. ‘MyTripBoard’ allows travel organisers and travellers to keep track of all their current and upcoming business travel bookings.

To find out more about ‘MyTripBoard’, please speak to our sales team by simply calling 0844 332 0174 or request a demo using our contact enquiry form.

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