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Corporate travel tips to make your journey more comfortable

30th October 2013

corporate travel tips comfortable business travelHave you ever been on a business trip and felt a little homesick? Well you’re not alone. Corporate travellers often have to journey long distances and spend large amounts of time away from their home. It is common and just natural that you will miss your home and family. This instalment of our corporate travel tips focuses on home comforts.

We believe that taking something familiar with you from home can help to ease your homesickness. It is important to make your unfamiliar environment more comforting and taking something with you from home enables you to do this.

Corporate travel tips: bring a book

One item you may want to take with you is your favourite book. If, for example, you are a keen reader and habitually read before you go to sleep, it may be comforting to bring your favourite read with you. Maintaining your reading routine before bed may help you feel like you’re back home.

Another product that you may miss from home when on your travels is a familiar drink, such as tea. We’ve all experienced occasions – particularly Brits in the US – where we simply cannot get hold of a good brew! Whatever tea you drink, whether it is herbal, regular, or any other, taking some teabags with you may help to make you feel more comfortable. You may even have a favourite mug at home that you always drink out of which you could take too.

Some people may also have a favourite pair of socks that they always wear around the house. In fact there could be a variety of items of clothing that make you feel more comfortable, such as your favourite t-shirt, jumper or pyjamas. You may find it useful to take your favourite piece of clothing with you on your travels to provide you with a familiar and comfortable presence.

Corporate travel tips: Music

Many people enjoy listening to music to help unwind after a stressful day, and the same is true about those who embark on travel. If you store music on an iPod it may be a good idea to take this with you. You may even have a DVD that you particularly enjoy and regularly watch, which you may want to take too. Familiar sounds and images from home can be a God send, especially if you are in a non-English speaking culture.

There could also be a family photo that you cherish. It may remind you why you are working so hard and travelling such long distances. Taking this with you may help to make you feel more at ease and remind you of what you have to look forward to when you get home. Photos also provide you with a connection to your family which will help reduce any stress or anxiety you may have being apart from them.

Home comforts are different for each individual. The important thing is that you take something that makes you feel comfortable and at ease, regardless of what it is. Our corporate travel tips are here to make your journey better.

Enhance your business travel journey with our corporate travel tips

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Corporate travel tips series part-inspired by Amanda Cook on business travel website

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