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Business travel tips for a smoother, healthier experience

25th September 2013

When you’re focussed on work and the business at hand, it’s very easy to overlook business travel preparation. It’s all very well having a great proposition for your next meeting, but the best laid plans can be undermined if the most important element in negotiations isn’t functioning at its best – you. If you’re planning on flying soon here is the first of five simple business travel tips to help you arrive in peak condition.

Business travel tips: 1. Stay hydrated

This is essential for you in day to day life, but even more so when you embark on business travel. It’s all to easy to find yourself dehydrated during business travel, particularly if you’re flying. Cabin pressure and dry recirculated air, particularly if you’re flying long haul, will have a negative effect on you. Consuming a lot of coffee or alcohol in-flight won’t help either. The chances are you’ll be exposed to travelling at irregular hours, disrupting sleep patterns and your body’s metabolism. All told this can leave your body weak and lower your resistance to bugs, and your mind stressed and anxious. This isn’t the way you want to arrive for a business meeting.

business travel tips enhance your corporate travel experienceKeeping your body hydrated will make all the difference. Ensure you regularly drink plenty of water during your flight, and if possible avoid¬†caffeine and alcohol. This will keep your body refreshed and your energy levels up. Your nose and throat will benefit from staying moist, minimising the chances of you catching a cold or other bug. It’s also good for your appearance, keeping your skin looking fresh and healthy. You don’t want to arrive at your meeting looking jaded and unsightly. If water quality at your destination is an issue be sure to bring a small amount of your own to ensure you don’t go short upon arrival. Buy bottled water locally and continue to drink regularly throughout your trip.

It sounds obvious but taking all the simple precautions builds up to a stronger, healthier, more effective you! The next of our next business travel tips focuses on breakfast.

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Travel advice part inspired by Amanda Cook at business travel website

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