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How to develop a successful business travel policy – Business travel agents tips

21st August 2013

Are you required to develop a travel policy? Or are you looking to tighten your travel policy and you are not sure where to begin? A well-conceived business travel policy is the simplest way to achieve financial savings and to protect employees when they travel. As a travel manager, you need to make sure your business travel is as efficient, safe and stress-free as possible. With over 20 years experience, Flightline Travel Management can help you to create, implement and enforce your corporate travel policy. Here is some business travel agents advice to help you create and improve your corporate travel policy….

Things to do before you start: 

  • Assess your current travel programme. How is your travel policy performing. Is it meeting the current objectives ? What about your current Carbon footprint? How does your business travel policy compare to similar organisations in your industry?
  • Be clear about what you want to achieve with yBusiness Travel Agents Policy Adviceour new travel policy.

Business travel agents points to include in your travel policy …

  • Review your current booking processes.
  • Does the current booking process fully meet the needs of both – your business and your travellers? How will travel arrangements be made? Think about approval processes for booking hotels, air or other transportation? Who will make the bookings? (i.e. one central booker vs. travellers)
  • What will be the payment procedures for your new travel policy? What are the methods of payment (settle transactions via credit card, billback facility for your hotel accommodation or credit card account facility)? Provide guidelines on for business travel expense management.
  • Create traveller profiles for each of your business travellers.
  •  Establish travel guidance for non-employees such as contractors, clients, and interviewees, …
  • Travel Risk Management: Think about travel insurance.  Are your business travellers covered against any possible damage while they are on the move? Are your business travellers aware of any risks related to the country they are travelling to? – Provide security/safety guidance and check for health requirements (e.g. vaccinations) for the destination. Consider a traveller tracking facility.
  • Set out sustainability goals for your travel programme, for example, by including carbon reduction targets and clear objectives for cost savings and traveller satisfaction.
  • Set out guidelines for the different modes of travel – cover air travel, hotels, rail travel ground transport

How to make your business travel policy a success…

  • Establish a travel policy development team which consists of subject matter experts. ( e.g.  legal, IT, internal auditor, …)
  • Get your stakeholders’ buy-in, for example by framing business travel goals in the context of cultural values.
  • Make sure your employees fully understand your policy. Provide clear guidelines, which are easy to understand for travellers and bookers.
  • Make sure your travel policy is consistent with your corporate culture. (e.g. entrepreneurial vs. corporate)
  • Provide tools and resources to educate employees who travel international (e.g. consider regional variations in business behaviour)
  • Have a mandated business travel company, like Flightline Travel Management
  • Get employee feedback on preferred suppliers, online travel booking tools,… and use it to fine tune your travel policy, where possible.
  • Ensure regular communication and that all information are up-to-date and relevant
  • Set up a structured monitoring & review process for your travel programme

Need more help with your travel policy? Get business travel agents advice today.

Simply call 0844 3320174 or make an enquiry using our business travel agents contact form. We will get in touch with you within 1 business day.

We’re business travel agents, so let us know what you think. What are your top tips for a successful business travel policy?

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