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Business travel agents top tips for reducing rail travel costs

22nd July 2013

“It’s not what you do it’s the way that you do it”. Never a truer word spoken when it comes to rail travel. As leading independent business travel agents, Flightline Travel Management have the experience, know how, and – crucially for our customers – the online tools to help reduce rail travel expense. Here are some examples, put together by our Rail-Line travel experts, of what can be achieved with our business travel solutions.

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1. Buy In Advance

You can save on average 43% if you buy your business travel tickets in advance, rather than on the day of departure. Put simply, the further ahead you book the lower the rail ticket price should be.

2. Travel Off-Peak

Avoid the busier, more expensive times of day. If you can, travel after 9am weekdays and try to avoid the evening rush hour (between 5pm and 7pm). Business travel agents recommend this, not only because it will be cheaper but also because your journey will be quieter and more enjoyable.

Example: Bristol to London Return
Standard Class Anytime return fare – £193.00
Standard Class Off-Peak return fare – £69.00
Saving – £124.00 or 64.00%

3. Buy Single Tickets

Believe it or not but two single tickets are often cheaper than a return. Our Rail-line booking tool displays single & return fares on the same page, which allows you to mix and match single fares for the best journey combinations.

Example: Bristol to London Return
Standard Class Anytime return fare – £193.00
Standard Advance Single – £15.00 out plus £15.00 back = £30.00
Saving – £ 163.00 or 84.00%

4. Need a flexible ticket as you’re unsure when your meeting will finish?

Rather than buy a Standard Open return ticket, which restricts you to the full fare, why not specify the train time you require going out and buy a flexible one-way ticket on the way back.

Example: Bristol to London Return
Standard Class Anytime Return fare – £193.00
Standard Advanced single plus Anytime Single – £114.50
Saving – £78.50 or 41.00%

5. Travel First Class for less than the price of a Standard Class Anytime ticket.

By booking in Advance you can obtain promotional First Class one way fares at a lower rate than a Standard Class Anytime ticket, train times have to be stipulated at time of booking and restriction may apply.

Example: Bristol to London Return
Standard Class Anytime Return fare – £193.00
First Class Advance Single – £31.70 out plus £31.70 back = £63.40
Saving – £ 129.60 or 67.00%

6. Environmental impact of rail travel versus driving or taking the plane

As leading business travel agents we advocate rail travel whenever possible. Rail is a greener travel solution offering significant savings versus air and road travel.

Example: Bristol to London return
Rail – 22.16 Co2 (kg)
Plane – 69.28 Co2 (kg)
Car (petrol) – 38.45 Co2 (kg)

As you can ascertain from the figures above the train utilises far less Co2 emissions than taking the plane or the car.

7. Knowledge is power

Chances are you don’t have enough time in the day as it is, let alone to research the best rail travel deals available. Why not let professional, experienced business travel agents like Flightline Travel do the job for you? As the examples above show, inside knowledge and expertise will make you significant savings.

Rail travel expertise from leading Flightline business travel agents

Learn more about our business rail travel services today and start getting greater value from your travel programme. Call our Rail-line experts on 01844 299 777. Alternatively you can email us at [email protected], or simply complete our enquiry form. We’re here to listen to your needs, and provide you with the most cost-effective service business travel agents can to offer.

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Business travel agents notes:

The price of a ticket for the same journey can vary depending on the ticket type. Train fares fall into three categories; Advanced, Anytime and Off Peak fares. These three fare types all have varying rules and regulations and are capacity controlled.

Train fares are correct as of 2nd January 2014, but are subject to fluctuation due to market conditions and fare availability.

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