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Business travel agents simple steps for saving money on travel

29th July 2013

Our team of business travel agents are experts in helping clients to reduce business travel spend. Over the years, we have seen all kinds of challenges faced by business travellers and travel managers. Today, we would like to share our personal hit list of corporate travel tips and advice that help reduce your travel spend.

Business travel agents top tips

  • Create a travel policy to establish guidelines and instructions advising your business travellers of the procedures and parameters they are allowed for business trips, such as:

a) Internal approval procedures

b) Travel class they are allowed to book

c) Guidelines for maximum flying time and hotel expediture benchmarks

e) What suppliers shall be used?

f) How to pay for business travel expenses, e.g. what type of payment method should be used?

  • Communicate with your travellers. The livelihood of a successful business travel programme is good communication with travellers. Flightline Travel Alerts help you to keep you to directly communicate with your travellers during the trip keeping them always up-to-date. Plus, our comprehensive travel risk management solutions help you to  keep business travellers safe and track there whereabout at any time.
  • Schedule your meetings to avoid peak travel times, such as Mondays, Fridays and school holidays.
  • Choose less expensive modes of travel when feasible. Our friendly Flightline business travel agents have many years of experience. We will find the most practical and cost-effective solution, whether it is for UK or international travel.
  • Take advantage of frequent-flyer programmes. Through these, airline loyalty schemes your business travellers can collect frequent-flyer miles and points for free flights or upgrades, which benefit both the individual employee and your company.
  • If you are travelling on London Transport, then get an Oyster card to benefit from fares that are lower than standard fares.
  • Book business air travel and accommodations as far in advance as possible. For example, by booking your hotel early in advance you can generate savings of up to 50%.
  • Book train tickets early in advance and return unused tickets to Flightline Travel. We will help you to get your money back by processing refunds for you. Plus, booking 2 single rail tickets is often better value than a return ticket.
  • Encourage employees to use restricted fares, as these may allow you to change bookings for a fee that would be still cheaper than the flexible ticket
  • Make sure your corporate travellers book through the right channel, whether it’s through a travel management company (TMC) like Flightline Travel, an online booking tool (OBT) or an offline business travel agents reservations team.
  • Stick to preferred airline/hotel deals. For example, our Hotel-Line solutions give you access to 296,000 hotels, pre-negotiated rates, including value-added amenities and loyalty programmes.

Get expert advice from experienced business travel agents Flightline Travel Management

Simply email your itinerary or best quote to Flightline Travel Management at [email protected] and see if our business travel agents team can beat it. To discuss how you can save business travel costs contact a travel consultant today and call 0844 332 0174. Alternatively, complete our business travel agents enquiry form.

There’s always room for improvement. Whether you are a business traveller or booker, let us know your ideas for saving on travel costs.

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