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Air France and KLM inflight Wi-Fi announcement pleases business travel agents

8th July 2013

Business travel agents Flightline Travel Management are please to learn that starting in June, Air France and KLM Royal Dutch Airline introduced inflight connectivity via Wi-Fi on selected flights for the first time. The new service enables leisure and business travellers to stay connected to the world while they are in the air.

KLM and Air France passengers can now surf the internet and send text messages and emails during their flight. In addition, travellers benefit from a broad range of additional freebies and up-to-date services provided via the Airlines’ specially designed inflight website. These include live television news and sports channels.

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Business travel agents report Air France / KLM Wi-Fi

Air France and KLM will conduct a trial phase of these new services until the end 2013 on two Boeing 777-300s. These aircraft will operate on several long-haul destinations. If you are travelling with these airlines on the assigned routes between now and the end of the year, you will be able to connect to the internet using your smartphone, laptop or tablet pc, and send text messages, no matter what travel class you are in. Note that during the pilot phase the following fixed charges will apply for these services:

Hourly Rate: 10.95 EUR, applicable for all classes
Full-Flight Rate: 19.95 EUR, applicable for all classes

Travellers are able to pay for their internet access by credit card. Mobile phone usage (for text and data) will be billed to the phone users according to their own roaming agreements. Access to the inflight website will be free of charge. Wi-Fi service – whether you are using the on-board portal or satellite internet will commence shortly after take-off as soon as the flight has reached 20,000 feet.

With the launch of the inflight Wi-Fi test services, Air France and KLM are responding to passengers’ new travel habits. As leading business travel agents we are constantly listening to the needs of our customers, and on many occasions Wi-Fi has been raised as an issue. The introduction of Wi-Fi has been well received. Find out more about the new flight experience on the KLM & Air France Airline website…

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Source: Amstelveen, 29 May 2013

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