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Business travel management: BA Update for London Heathrow Airport

24th May 2013

airtravel-alert-business-travel-managementBusiness travel management – air travel update: Flightline Travel Management Ltd. has been advised that this morning, BA762 LHR-OSL had to return to London Heathrow due to a technical fault. Both runways at the airport were closed for a period but are now open. 

According to the latest British Airways update, the airline had to cancel all short haul flights into and out of London Heathrow today. However, this is subject to change.

‘Flightline Travel Management’ recommend all travellers to keep checking the status of their flight directly with the airline.

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For further assistance regarding rebooking and refund options, all clients are adviced to please contact Flight-line direct on 01844 299 775.

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