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Corporate travel management: Bad weather & winter travel tips

30th December 2013

In part two of our corporate travel management tips on bad weather and winter business travel, ‘Flightline Travel’ focus on air and rail travel. Although both are distinctly different methods of transport they share similarities when it comes to avoiding pitfalls and problems. Planning ahead is the number one corporate travel management tip when it comes […]

Flightline business travel agents - Christmas travel

Business Travel Agents: Christmas Office Hours 2014

16th December 2013

Christmas is approaching quickly. Therefore Flightline Travel Management is wishing you a wonderful festive period and a properous Year 2015. We thank all customers, corporate travellers and business partners for their loyalty and trust in Flightline Travel Management and in our business travel agents services. In addition, we’d like to inform you about our changed office hours for the […]


Business travel agents – UK travel alert: Christmas rail services disruption for Gatwick, Heathrow and Manchester Airport

4th December 2013

Rail-Line business travel agents would like to inform that during the Christmas period, 24th December 2013 until 2nd January 2014, network rail will carry out several rail improvement works which are expected to affect train travel on all southern routes to and from London Victoria and all routes in the Gatwick Airport area. Rail improvement works include replacing […]

MyTripBoardMobile business travel solutions

Business Travel Solutions: Be smarter on every business trip with MyTripBoard – mobile

28th November 2013

Flightline Travel Management, a leading independent business travel solutions provider, are pleased to announce the launch of MyTripBoard – mobile, the smart travel companion for corporate travellers. MyTripBoard – mobile improves the travel experience for business travellers by delivering trip insight and important travel information to the travellers’ mobile device. By integrating real-time trip alerts […]


Corporate travel tips: Getting fresh air everyday

13th November 2013

We’ve all been on a long plane journey and then had to go straight into a business meeting.  This busy on-the-go lifestyle has no signs of letting up during a corporate trip as we are so busy with our work and rushing around attending various meetings that have been scheduled. As a result we do […]

business travel tips for business success

Business travel tips: The sweet smell of success

6th November 2013

Continuing from our previous business travel tips post on home comforts, we now turn to lavender essential oil. When you’re focussed on working hard to make your business a success, the last thing you need to worry about is business travel. Business travel can be very strenuous and exhausting, particularly on long haul flights. Whether […]

business travel tips comfortable corporate travel

Corporate travel tips to make your journey more comfortable

30th October 2013

Have you ever been on a business trip and felt a little homesick? Well you’re not alone. Corporate travellers often have to journey long distances and spend large amounts of time away from their home. It is common and just natural that you will miss your home and family. This instalment of our corporate travel tips […]