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Driving in France – Carry a breathalyzer – It’s Law

5th July 2012

From 01 July 2012 every driver of a vehicle in France has to be in possession of a Breathalyzer.

If controlled by the authorities, the driver must be able to present an unused Breathalyzer, otherwise he/she will be fined 11 Euro.

Starting mid September, all Hertz cars in France will have a Breathalyzer in the glove compartment with the car documents. The customer will be charged €5 if the Breathalyzer is not present when the car is returned.

One additional Breathalyzer can also be bought at our counters, for a charge of €2 each.

It is recommended that the driver has 2 Breathalyzers in case he/she has to use one during the rental. Hertz will not be responsible if there is no Breathalyzer in the car.

So travel safe and don’t forget your breathalyzers when travelling via self-drive car in France. 

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