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Corporate travel update: Eurostar Disruption on Monday, 05th March

7th March 2011

On Monday 5th March 2011 there was a corporate travel update about disruption to the Eurostar. To Claim Compensation from Disrupted Services please click the link below for details of what compensation your travellers are entitled to:

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Eurostar would like to offer our sincere apologies to all of our customers affected by the disruption on 5 March.

Firstly a Thalys train stopped on the line with a suspected fire on board. This alone would have caused substantial delays to morning services, but in the early afternoon an additional issue arose when a power cable (part of the French national grid, not the railway infrastructure) came down south of Lille, falling onto the cables used to power trains on the high-speed line. This caused the power to be cut for several hours on a long stretch of the track we use in France, halting all rail traffic in the area. After this, we and all other operators had to use the non-high-speed lines for much of the rest of the day, which naturally became quite congested as a result.

Corporate travel update on Eurostar disruption

Throughout the day, we were of course trying very hard to minimise disruption wherever we could. Unfortunately, in many cases this wasn’t possible and most of our trains between London and Paris suffered serious delays. This then had a knock-on effect on other services, as some trains and crews were not where they needed to be in order for usĀ to keep to our timetable. In some cases, we even found ourselves forced to cancel some services and re-accommodate customers onto others.

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